Program Offerings


Elementary and Middle

We strive to create a "homeschool-away-from-home" approach with an underlying Charlotte Mason educational philosophy for our students in grades 3-8.  Having spent many hours over many years, we have selected what we believe to be a truly unique combination that will introduce your child to the truly beautiful things God has gifted to His children.


High School

Hearthstone offers a rigorous, academically challenging curriculum, including Honors, AP, dual enrollment, and ESE  classes that are independently-driven, allowing students the opportunity to progress at their own pace.  Students complete the requirements for a standard Florida high school diploma and can qualify for Bright Futures.


Language Processing Differences

Hearthstone offers screening to identify students who may have dyslexia or other language processing differences then provides the opportunity for those students to be tutored several times a week with trained tutors using the Susan Barton Method.


Charlotte Mason Education

In the Primary and Middle grades at Hearthstone Christian School, we emphasize the gentle learning approach of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.  Our students are reading good literature, studying artwork, musical composers, and poets.  They delve into history through stories that make those time periods come alive to them instead of memorizing a list of dry facts.  Our students enjoy learning a timeline from Creation to Modern America, completing fun mapwork activities, and fun memory activities learning Greek and Latin roots, Scripture passages, culturally significant locations (by sight), and even scientific facts such as the periodic table of elements.   Science is explored with hands-on experiments and studying God's beautiful creation.  Our high school students are working on academically rigorous, independently-driven courses to complete a standard FL high school diploma.  Our students can qualify for Bright Futures and participate in dual-enrollment classes through PHSC.



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