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The Hearthstone School exists for the sole purpose of supporting families who wish to continue educating their child(ren) at home but would also appreciate the protection and status of a private school student designation.  We believe that each child is specific in his or her educational needs and desires, and each family should have as many options as possible. 

A personal response from Becca Wylupek, THS owner and administrator, to the question of why this cover school was added to the ministry of a previous day school, Hearthstone Christian School (which ended its ministry after the 2019-2020 school year when the Covid pandemic made it logistically and financially impossible to continue):

"The answer can be found in our very name.  Hearthstone.  The stone surrounding a fireplace, usually in a home.  The image conjured up in my mind is a mom (or dad!) sitting near a cozy fire, reading aloud to the children in the home.  A place of safety and peace.  When I started HCS, it was with the understanding that this cozy learning is just not available to every child or possible for every family.  I wanted to draw out as many of the beneficial elements of homeschool as possible and provide that experience in a day school.  And now, by adding this umbrella division, I hope to support those families who CAN be home with their children but would also value the legal protection of having a private school student designation instead of a homeschool student.


Honestly, as a homeschool mom for 12 years before starting HCS, it never really occurred to me to go under the protection of an umbrella school, but that was because I was still homeschooling younger students (not high schoolers) and because I had a quick – and cheap! -- way to get my evaluations done, my niece!  Now, as a private school owner and administrator, I can more easily see the value of that private school designation – with the main one being that once a student is a private school student, they are no longer under the regulation of any government entity.  The school IS under government regulation, but not the students.  No more annual evaluations to some government official who may or may not be looking for a reason to question your educational decisions.  No more Letter of Intent or Letter of Termination. 


Another huge benefit would be for that mom who treads into the waters of middle and high school education with fear and trepidation.  The school takes over the responsibility of making sure that your high school student meets ALL the standard diploma requirements, can qualify for Bright Futures – and keeps track of those requirements, creates and sends out transcripts to colleges, and in the end, gives a high school diploma (which both a parent AND the school administrator signs) from a school called The Hearthstone School that colleges, employers, and the military should accept without hassle.

But, that still may beg the question to be answered, “Why? Why did YOU, Becca/ aka HCS decide to do this?”  The simple answer is this – if I can do anything to help support the efforts of parents who are choosing to educate their children at home (because I happen to own a private school), I would like to do that.  If there are parents who would really like the “umbrella” of protection from a private school who really cares about helping them, then let’s do it!  Some umbrella schools are simply educational businesses, legal entities that require that parents still do most of the work of record keeping and researching requirements and keeping track of deadlines, etc.  That’s NOT what I want to do.  I want to be one phone call, text, or email message away from giving you, the homeschool mom or dad, the help you need.  I want to start small – and I want to get to know the families involved so that your educational challenges and successes become our challenges and successes." 



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