Thank you for your application!

There are a few important steps you'll need to take to make sure that your student(s) are fully enrolled.  A school representative will call or email soon to verify that we have received your application and to get a school year start date from you.  Make sure that you email or mail the required legal documents soon.    Your enrollment can not be finalized until we have those documents.  The Family Handbook  can give you more information about the full enrollment procedure.  You will receive an email verification once all of the documents are received.


The following are forms that you will need during the course of a school year: (These are also found in the Family Handbook.)

First Semester Attendance/ Grade Verification Form 

End of Year Attendance/ Grade Verification Form

Now, the only thing left to do is pay tuition.  Please refer to our Tuition and Fees rate sheet for costs.  You can write a check made payable to The Hearthstone School or use the links below for a PayPal payment option.

For tuition all grades:  

For one-time enrollment fee:  


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